Our Work

Partnering with International Cooperating Ministries for the construction (bricks & mortar) of Churches and Orphanages, Smallest Gifts funds the building of the facility then continues long after the building is complete to meet the needs of the local community benefiting not only the children, but adults, parents & relatives as well.

Partner with us by underwriting a ministry need with Monthly Support or with the Sponsorship of Church/Orphanages through the Smallest Gift Widow’s Mite Coin Campaign.


changes someone's life for eternity.
Luke 21:3

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Smallest Gifts is a 501c3
non-profit organization. All
donations are tax deductible.


Surigao City Philippines
Mother Church in Surigao City
» 650 adults + 250 children weekly
» Needs (utilities, food for benevolence, pastoral support, maintenance)

Children’s Home & Rescue Center in neighboring Village

In a small village a few mile from Surigao City, we are sponsoring a fully staffed and licensed children’s home and refuge center. Currently there are 50 resident children and 6 staff personnel. There are also 20-30 indigent children who come there daily for food and shelter. The overall capacity is 120 depending up on our ability to fund food and personal needs.

  • 50 – 80 resident children + 30 neighboring indigent children daily
  • $ 30 funds rice for one child for one month
  • $ 30 funds clothing and personal hygiene for one child for one month
  • Medical / Dental Fund for children
  • Staff Expenses
  • Facility (utilities & maintenance)
  • Transportation (fuel & maintenance)
  • Passenger Van – Funded
  • Children’s Home Facility - Funded

Chapel in neighboring providence

On the same property as the Children’s Home is a small chapel ministering and serving the surrounding village with weekly church services and bible studies.

  • 100 adults + 120 children weekly
  • Pastoral Support
  • Facility Needs (utilities & maintenance)
  • Sound System
  • Windows – Funded
  • Chairs – Funded
  • Restroom Facility – Funded
  • Chapel Facility - Funded

Bocator Philippines Church Construction and Surigao City Philippines Church Construction